Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Renovation and Astrology

Uranus has just begun the seven year transition through David's fourth house.  
This means during that time we are going to either move and/or change up our home.  

Enter project #1.

This is what we lovingly refer to as our 80's coke mirrored bathroom.
It is painful to see yourself in so many different angles at once.
Especially naked.  

And that wallpaper! 
It hurts my eyes.
I'm sure soon it'll look just like this:

 So easy, right?

 If we take down those mirrors, this brick is most likely what we'll find,
don't you think?

 Why it practically looks like this now!

Like I said, we do have SEVEN years. 
And it may very well be that long before you get to see an "after" picture.

In the meantime, if anyone is curious as to where the planet of unexpected changes
is moving through their chart, hit me up. 
I may take a while to answer, but I will answer!

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