Monday, April 15, 2013


Jenny is an actress, interior designer, blogger, talented artist,
 mama, and all around hilarious lady.

Her blog is a daily read for me and her work and eye for color are quite inspiring.
Also, I have high hopes of one day owning one of Jenny's pieces.

 Hells yeah I will.

 Her adorable family: Mike, Fiona, and Jenny.

1. Name, Astrology sign, and location please. 

Jennifer Lynn Andrews-Anderson the 3rd. not really. i go by jenny mostly. or mfamb or asshole or mommy. i am a sagittarius and i live in atlanta, georgia.

2. What are you currently working on? 

so much actually. lots of commissions and design work as well. at the moment i am working with a hot young womanlady and her living room which opens up into her dining room which opens up into her kitchen. it's a total challenge and i love it. but i also hate it bc it makes my brain hurt and i'd rather be eating sour cream and onion potato chips while i watch mad men. not really. well, i would rather be doing that some days. but i am grateful to be doing things that feed my creative soul. 
 rock shrimp

3. Who are your favorite artists? 

many. i love allison schulnik's work. it's intense and beautiful. she must spend thousands a month on paint. she uses globs of oil paint. but there are so many!! leah fraser's portraits are insanely beautiful. i tend to love art that is strange and beautiful. frida kahlo...a good example. i love southern american folk art as well. i think it inadvertently creeps into my own work. at the end of the day i am moved by color. color drives my desire to paint.

4. What's the best advice you ever received about your career choice? 

i have never received any advice about painting bc it's not and has not been my career choice for most of my life. acting is still what i consider to be my career. though lately i am producing more paintings than performances. but i think from a creativity aspect..the best advice i've ever received is to be yourself and to never self edit from a creative standpoint. you can edit the final product but while you are performing or painting or writing just let your freak flag fly. i write, paint and perform from my gut. i strive to contrive nothing. also i am not afraid of failure or looking like an idiot. i think that's what sets me apart from a lot of people. 
fountain of youth

5. Favorite place(s) in your city? 

my favorite place is serenbe. which is some farm land for rich people about an hour south of the city. i could curl up in a ball on the grass in a meadow and just be there for hours and feel like a motherfucking champ.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
And while we're at it, what about a different era?

if i could live anywhere in the world it would be the english countryside, in a cottage, with my husband and daughter and cats. i would do exactly what i am doing right now only i would be a lot richer from it and i would rock some chickens in my back yard.
if i could pick an era it would be the 60's. i'm on a mad men kick. 
life of the party

7. What do you usually mindlessly doodle? (do you have a picture of this?) 

i do not doodle. ever.

8. First website you peruse of the day? 

email first. then my own blog for posting and then my heart belongs to pinterest. 
great and powerful

9. What's the worst movie you've ever seen, but secretly love? 

ohmygodP.S. I love you!!!!! seriously though there are like, at least 10 more. 

 10. Any pets? Any kids? 

we have 7 cats no we don't yes we do no we don't. ok, officially we have 2 cats but we feed a total of 7. we have one child. an 8 year old named fiona honey. she makes everything in life ok. poop pee.

You can find MFAMB  here.
And more of Jenny's work here

Thank you so much Jenny!

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