Monday, April 1, 2013

Astrology post!

OK, all you procrastinators out there. 
The new moon in Aries is next Wednesday at 4:35 am central time.  
This is basically your "get off your butt and start _____ NOW" moment.  

So what is your "fill in the blank"?  Well, it depends on what house this head strong new moon takes place in.

  • First House: Go get a makeover and a new wardrobe.  You want to be seen in a new exciting way.  
  • Second House: Take charge of your finances.  Pump up your self worth.
  • Third House: Speak up! Be direct and inquisitive.  People will respond.
  • Fourth House: Start a new project in your home. On a less literal note, start listening to your feelings.
  • Fifth House:  Go get on Pinterest and start doing all those super crafty things.  Your creativity will be sky high. This is play time.
  • Sixth House: Start that diet!  Organize all your closets!  Streamline your day!
  • Seventh House:  Attached? Start doing new exciting things as a couple.  Unattached? Probably not for long.
  • Eighth House:  Things lacking in the bedroom?  Um, no. Not with the new moon here.  Also, take charge of someone else's finances.  
  • Ninth House: Go and explore a new subject, a new country, a new spirituality.  
  • Tenth House:  Want a new career?  Now is the time.  Love the one you're in? Set goals that can last all year.
  • Eleventh House: Join a group, meet new friends.  NETWORK.  It will pay off.
  • Twelfth House:  Start a dream journal, a new meditation.  Work on soul searching.  Here's a hint. Helping others also helps.
Are you clueless about where the moon falls in your chart?  
If you give me your info (birth date, time, place, and year) and ask really really nicely, I'll tell you!


    okay i was born 12/05/76 at 4:40 p.m. in Flint, MI

  2. Me too Rachel! Does it count if I missed it?
    09/23/1975 born at 8:19 am in Kansas City, MO

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