Monday, March 18, 2013

Thanks Mercury Retrograde

I thought, this time I was left unscathed.

Only days away from Mercury turning direct, my computer went insane.  I can only open Firefox, can't download or save any image, and I get 5 zillion prompts about how screwed I am when I restart. I have ground my teeth and had too many glasses of wine over this.  

So, either I figure this out, or just buy a new one.  And since this one is old and my sweet little Ivy has ripped out most of the keys anyway, I say I just start over.

Ok, that's settled. Now lets look at some old pictures since I can't figure out how to download new ones!

 "They knew well enough poor dears"  2000

"The history of my bed and Ferdinand the Bull"  2000

Stay tuned, cause I have another great artist interview this week!

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