Saturday, March 9, 2013

Astrology post

The moon is void of course all day in Aquarius. This means she has made her last aspect before she changes signs. In other words, the moon is resting.  So, if you can, do this:
No, you really don't need to be so unconscious, although all that Pisces energy in the sky does prefer it.  So what are good things to do when the moon is void?  Resting and relaxing, anything that doesn't require too much mental energy.  Meditation, yoga, painting, really all things right-brained.
Now since the moon in still in Aquarius which favors groups of people, today would be a great day to relax with friends.  And because Mercury in Pisces is square Jupiter in Gemini there should be lots of great conversations to be had. 
So go enjoy the day!


  1. I vote for more astrology posts! I love your advice!

  2. I love you Rachel. I picture your beautiful smile reading this. I hope to have a reading again someday. You are the raddest. xoxo