Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet Kellie!

She's just a crazy talented artist that I have happened to have known since college.
She also agreed to be my first victim in what I'm hoping will be a continuing segment of interviews, cause listening to me talk about my work all the time could be very boring for some.
What? I know.
She's so sparkly!

1. Name, Astrology sign, and location please.

Kellie Bloxsom-Rys
Sagittarius (Gemini moon)
Kansas City

2. What are you currently working on?

I currently just finished up a project of doing one 5 x 5 piece of artwork a day for the month of February. For some reason I need to give myself deadlines to keep me motivated, stupid really, but its just how I am. This one was a little over ambitious once I got into it....but it worked itself out. The hardest part was having to put up the pieces on my blog I didn't like, but I kept reminding myself the point wasn't about creating a perfectly crafted pieces, it was more about getting out a bunch of quick ideas/sketches to inspire some bigger pieces in the future.


3. Who are your favorite artists?

I have so many - that's hard but here we go:
1. Jean-Michel Basquiat
2. Jim Houser -

3. Maura Cluthe -
4. Souther Salazar -
5. Rachel Stuart-Haas - (she didn't make me put this I promise)
6. Tad Carpenter -

4. What's the best advice you ever received about your career choice?

Probably the best advice for my fine artwork career was from Maura Cluthe (listed above) - I remember her telling me to price my work so its affordable to everyone, because art should be shared. Plus if I don't I"ll just have a basement full of paintings. 

5. Favorite place(s) in your city?

 Definitely the crossroads here in Kansas City on a First Friday night. The crossroads are located downtown and every first Friday we have over 50 art galleries open and people walk around from gallery to gallery drinking wine. I love the energy of this night ! Also the Nelson Atkins front lawn, probably the prettiest place here.

 6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? And while we're at it, what about a different era?

Ooh, super fun question! No question about this one - I would live in a little beachhouse in Tulum, Mexico with my husband and like 8 dogs. *sigh*
As for era, I think i would pick to be in Paris, France in the 1920's, I would love to smoke cigarettes in a cabaret back then and be scandalous.

7. What do you usually mindlessly doodle? (do you have a picture of this?)

I mindlessly doodle EVERYTHING - I am constantly doodling, faces, words, animals, shapes... see pics

 8. First website you peruse of the day?


9. What's the worst movie you've ever seen, but secretly love?
Bring it On, but hey at least I don't own the DVD like my friend Mark.


10. Any pets? Any kids?

 Yes we have two black mutts, Dylan and Ruby and a black cat named Miika.

Thanks so much Kellie!
You can find more of Kellie's work here:


  1. my face is so big! - ha! thanks for posting this Rachel!!

  2. I love her artwork. You should make her blog site clickable!

  3. I also want to know where she or you got that filter of sparkles on her self picture. Please??!!!

    1. @Mindy Bledsore I got them from an app called Picfx

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