Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mercure rétrograde

That's right folks.  Mercury is now retrograde in Cancer all the way to July 20th. 
Everyone tends to freak out a bit when this little planet shuffles backwards.
DON'T sign any papers, DON'T buy anything, DON'T breathe.
I disagree.

3 weeks is an awful long time to not do anything.
Ok, I try to not start anything new, and I except that things won't go as perfectly as I imagine, but that's all.

This is a fantastic time to reflect and rethink everything.
Oh, I'm sorry.  Did I say "think"?  Mercury is in Cancer, and Cancer doesn't think.  

So, here is our lesson for the next few weeks: 
Go with your gut. 
Learn to trust your instincts.  
Or, for some, learn to start feeling at all. (You can do it!)

Things that are highlighted right now are family, home, food, children, nurturing yourself and others.

And boobies.
Cancer rules these, of course!

(Anh Duong)


  1. Don't buy anything? - LOL. I don't agree either... especially with my b-day coming up.