Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello Maiko!

I graduated with Maiko Kuzunishi at the Kansas City Art Institute in Design.  
She was pretty bad ass then and I'm happy to see she is still continuing that path.  
Her shop, Decoylab is well known and well respected.  
Just like that girl that put the rest of us to shame way back in 1998. 

1. Name, Astrology sign, and location please.

Maiko, Aquarius (Moon in Sagittarius) and Kansas City MO.

2. What are you currently working on?

A lot of things. My schedule is a bit on the crazy side as of late. This month I'm proposing an exclusive design for the Land of Nod and finishing up a wedding invitation suite for a freelance client. I seem to always have 3-4 freelance projects going at any time while my clock business is a full time job. I have about 5 new products that I'm getting ready to list and also planning to do a little facelift on my main website to make it look more fun.

3. Who are your favorite artists?

It may sound strange but I have nobody particular that I'm heavily attached at the moment. I am drawn to children's book illustrators lately just because I have a kid and I read lots books to her. I like that with children's books, you can really just choose a book by its cover. I really like the books by Roger Duvoisin, Remy Charlip, A. Birnbaum and Ludwig Bemelmans (Madeline!).

4. What's the best advice you ever received about your career choice?

I threw away my 'career' and decided to do 'whatever'. No one can really give me advice on me pursuing 'whatever' so I make up things as I go. I've taken small baby steps, one step at a time, living day by day, month by month. I can't believe I've done that for 7 years!

5. Favorite place(s) in your city?

I've got "This must be the place" by Talking heads in my head. "Home is where I want to be.." Other than that, I like having Trader Joe's right by our house. Deanna Rose is a fun place to go with my daughter - I got my shirt nibbled on by goats.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? And while we're at it, what about a different era?

I am an Aquarius so my answer will be a typical Aquarian answer. I don't take any interest in the past nor a particular place in the world for that matter. Rather, I would love to be a spirit who can freely traveling through time and space while going in and out of any and all individuals of my choosing so I can look and feel the world through their eyes. I often see my body as a limitation and feel confined in it. I'd rather not be a human honestly.

7. What do you usually mindlessly doodle? (do you have a picture of this?)

Nada. There's no mindless doodling in my life right now. I have little pieces of paper with lots of scribbles around my desk though. 

8. First website you peruse of the day?

I unconsciously made it a rule that I do not waste time looking at websites during my work hours. Funny, that's what I did most of the day while working for someone else but now that I am my own boss, I do not allow myself to do that! I have to stay productive because my daughter is in daycare for a limited amount of time every day and I do not work at night or weekends. So I make my hours count.

At night though, you can always find me reading Japanese forum on Yomiuri newspaper website. It's my daily dose of Japan. 

9. What's the worst movie you've ever seen, but secretly love?

I have only seen it once but I have to confess - the Twilight series. I always liked stories of vampires and werewolves. But unlike Underworld series, Twilight series are comical and highly entertaining in a corny and awkward teenager way. And unlike underworld series my husband will quietly and quickly walks out of the room, leaving me at peace. :)

10. Any pets? Any kids?

Just one 5 year old girl Leela. If we have a pet Leela is going to name it "Annabelle Washington". 

Thank you so much Maiko!
You can find her shop here

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