Monday, February 25, 2013

Virgo Full Moon and OCD

It's that time again folks! 
The moon is full in Virgo this afternoon and everyone is feeling that familiar itch to clean and organize and straighten things up. 
Unless you happen to be like one of these people featured in The Selby. 
I really do love this site, but c'mon! If you know someone is coming to your home to photograph it, wouldn't you at least attempt to pick up a little

No one can possibly get to any of those books.  Also, dusty.

Ok her house looks clean, but she scares me.

Those cords look like a fire hazard.  And what is that thing on the left? 
A comforter? 
Is that a chair??

Really?!  Even in college my room never looked like this.

She's proud.

And finally, the adorable Krysten Ritter.  She doesn't appear to be a slob at all. Yay!
(Can I just say how furious I am that her show was cancelled.  Very sad.)

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