Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why haven't I been titling?

That insanity will stop now!  Don't worry people.  No more confusion over what exactly it is that I'm trying to say with my posts. 
So.  I am still working on this gal:
See her short hair?  Obviously I'm thinking about hair A LOT.
  Also been doing several astrology readings this week.  Want one?  Wanna give one as a gift?  They are super awesome and everyone should have one done.  Call me! 


  1. are you thinking of cutting your hair? really?

  2. Hi Rachel - we've never met, but we have several mutual friends and I have adored your art for years (my name is Jane - I live in KC and am also an artist and mama!). Anyways, I don't know if you do astrology readings via email or over the phone, but I am interested if you have time! Here is my email, - I hope this finds you well!!

    Warmest regards, Jane