Monday, November 12, 2012

I love making art that is a bit on the macabre side.  I grew up on Tim Burton, The Dark Crystal, Edward Gorey, The Last Unicorn, Monchichi's.  What?  They were FRIGHTENING!  I tend to take that kind of imagery and marry it with super feminine girls and bright colors. 
The Cottingley Faeries

                                                                        The Struggle
But sometimes, I just want to make silly, superficial little things that are fleeting and quick and seem more like something I'd flip through in a magazine. 
This is the kind of thing I'm doing at the moment.  And when I get my fill of this, back to larger and more in depth paintings.
BTW, all of these have been purchased except for The Struggle, if anyone is interested contact me!


  1. monchichi? really?

    I still remember the commercial.

    "monchichi, monchichi...oh so soft and cuddly" (pronounced cuddle-lee)

  2. I want the girl with the feather. I want. I want. I want.