Friday, October 12, 2012

I looooove to drink red wine.  One thing I can not do is drink the same time I am painting.  This practice seems to work very well for many artists.  Take Francis Bacon, who apparently was completely hammered every time he worked, and all the rest of the time too. 

"Innocent" ~Francis Bacon

It's just seems so picturesque to sit and create while sipping a cocktail. Also, French. 
{via In The Make}
Every time I've tried to accomplish this I lose focus, and whatever drive I had going is gone.  Seriously, this is what happens:

{via The Museum of Bad Art}
Just kidding.  Is that Michael Jackson clutching a horse head?  How much wine do you think this person had to drink?

Well, Happy Friday everyone!  It's almost Happy Hour. Go do a drawing and show me how it turns out!


  1. inebriated......sober...
    there would be little difference in My drawing.

  2. lol. MJ clutching a horse. Lol